Budget of Humanitarian Project

This course covers the basics of project budgeting and explains budgeting process in simple terms for people who are very new to accounting and finance. The course concentrates on development of practical skills required to create a budget and to use it as an active management tool. The hands-on approach based on case studies is employed to ensure that the developed skills are applicable to the real-life situations.
  • Details

    Upon completion of the course the students will:

    - Understand what is budget and why the budgets are used in project management;
    - Understand the main budget concepts and the difference between budget and cash flow forecast;
    - Develop skills to analyse main budget categories and estimate their value;
    - Learn about cost drivers and the link with the budgeting;
    - Learn how to organise data in the spread sheet and put controls in place;
    - Learn how to use and analyse budget, explain variances between budget and actuals
    - Learn to use the budget as an active management tool.