Train the Trainer to work in Humanitarian Sector

Coming soon - March 2016

Developing the skills and knowledge of local collaborators is crucial to most humanitarian aid missions, in order to obtain a sustainable impact. Many humanitarian experts are truly great at what they are doing, but miss the necessary skills and knowledge of how to pass on their knowledge to others. Knowing how to conceptualise, deliver and evaluate trainings (and other learning situations) greatly improves the impact of their activities, as well as enhances the learning experience of their students.
This course will focus on how to design, prepare, deliver and evaluate training sessions in the field of humanitarian aid. It includes basic knowledge about adult learning and helps you reflect your role as a trainer.
  • Details

    This course will enable students to teach their knowledge & skills to others.

    Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

    • Understand learning cultures and the role of the trainer therein
    • Develop training programs for a specific audience
    • Deliver training programs in the field
    • Evaluate & improve training programs